At the moment there are joint research projects implemented together with academic (GEOKHI, IMET, IGIC, and other), industry (SIMS VILS, TSNIICHERMET, and other) institutes and universities (MISA, Moscow State University), as well as works upon the applications received from companies and organizations to analyze and study the properties of ferrous, rare, precious and nonferrous metals, their alloys and compounds, semiconductor materials, minerals and recycled materials, objects of the environment. The users of JUC-TACC include federal organizations (MVD, FSS, SCC), institutes of RAS (INR, ISP, GEOKHI, IMET, IGIC, and other), sectoral institutions (SIMS, VILS, VNIITS, GIPROTSMO, TSNIICHERMET, and other).

Universities (MISA, Moscow State University), industrial enterprises and joint stock companies ("Analytica" Association, UE "The Moscow Quality", “Rosinspektorat” JSC, , “NorilskNikel” JSC, ”Krasnoyarsk Plant of Nonferrous Metals” OJSC, “Prioksky Plant of Nonferrous Metals” OJSC, “Solikamsk Magnesium Plant” JSC, “Shchelkovo secondary metal plant” SE, Machinebuilding Plant “Salyut”, “PZTSM-Vtormet” JSC, "Roskontakt” LLC, “Dragtsvetmet” LLC, and other). JUC-TACC of “Giredmet” is included in the List of SCC RF - the List of testing laboratories approved to control the foreign trade turnover of raw materials containing precious metals.

JUC-TACC of “Giredmet” has agreements on mutual recognition of test results / analysis with number of foreign companies: Johnson Matthey (Great Britain), National Physical Laboratory (Israel), Institute of Nonferrous Metals (Beijing, China), Atomic Energy Agency (England).

Department of standardization, certification and monitoring of the chemical composition of substances and materials regularly participates actively in the programs of interlaboratory comparative trials and proficiency testing at the international level, organized by such organizations as Johnson Mattey, IGAS GmbH (Germany), Institute Fresenius GmbH (Germany) Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH (Germany), Rocky Mountain Research Group (U.S.), and other.

The biggest part of works of JUC-TACC is certification of products for export. “Giredmet” certificates are recognized in many countries. It is facilitated by active involvement of JUC-TACC in activities of RAS Scientific Councils on Analytical Chemistry and Chemistry of High-Purity Substances, "Analytika" Association; and also in activities of international organizations, such as International Community for Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ICLA), Ccommittee on cooperation on international.traceability in analytical chemistry (CITAC), and other.