Analysis and certification

spectrometer Zeeman-3030

Basic research directions of “JUC-TACC” team are in the area of material science, diagnostics, certification, standardization and metrological assurance of production of materials based on rare and precious metals, high purity substances and semiconductor materials. Along with the works performed by grants and within the bounds of contracts by topics of 2007-2012 Federal Target Research and Technology Program, “GIREDMET JUC-TACC” carries out analytical works within the bounds of “GIREDMET JUC-TACC” researches in the following basic and critical directions:

- Deposit evaluation and integrated development, as well as advanced processing of strategically important raw materials;
- Environmental protection technologies;
- Processing and utilization of anthropogenic formations and wastes;
- Materials for microtechnology and nanotechnology;
- Technologies based on superconductivity;
- Basic and critical military and special technologies;
- Foreground directions: nanosystem and material industry, environment conservancy, energetics and energy conservation;
- Critical technologies: nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, hydrogen energetics technologies, technologies for creating and processing structural and ceramic materials;
- Technologies for creating and processing crystal materials.

Environmental department of “Giredmet JUC-TACC” provides services in joint use mode in the area of complex inspection of enterprise territories to control environmental pollution and in the area of environmental documentation for enterprises of metallurgical, aircraft, oil-refining and other industries.

Main functions of “Giredmet JUC-TACC” are;

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ARL Optim'X

- Development of new methods and improvement of existing methods for research and control of substances and materials by their chemical composition, structure and properties, metrological certification of developed methodologies;
- Development of new and modernization of existing standards and other legal documentation on methods of analytical control of substances and materials by their chemical composition, structure and properties;
- Development of standards and other legal documentation regulating general test work requirements;
- Development of sets of national standards for methods of analytical control of certain types of metal-contained products;
- Participation in forming and executing federal and regional target research and technology programs;
- Information support of works on research and control of materials by their chemical composition, structure and properties;
- Development, creation and maintenance of special databases;
- Execution of analytical works by grants and in the bounds of contracts by topics of Federal Target Research and Technology Program “Research and development by foreground directions of science and technology progress;
- Execution of analytical works on a contract basis and by requisitions of interested organizations, including:
  • Testing of substance and material samples using standardized and certified procedures in accordance with the list of services offered to third party organizations; providing analytical control, arbitrary and highly complicated analysis, federal authority expert reports (ministries, agencies, SCC, Federal Security Service, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense and their structures), institutions of higher education, enterprises of various forms of ownership;
  • Testing and certifying batches of substances and materials in consort with test certification and material and substance batch certification accredited authorities;
  • Ecoanalytical researches;
  • Metrological certification of test methods developed by third party organizations;
  • Metrological testing of legal documentation and projects;
  • Examination of acting analytical control systems and quality assurance at enterprises
- Participation in domestic and international collation testing, producing and certifying standard samples and standards;
- Participation in international programs, committees, and organizations on problems of analytical control, test method standardization, and metal-contained product certification;
- Participation in training and retraining of highly skilled personnel in the area of applied analytical chemistry and physical studying of substance.

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